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PostSubject: fishing   fishing Icon_minitimeTue 30 Jan 2007, 12:04

ok, you start fishing and just fish until your skill is 75, then go to the trainer again to increase your limit to 150, then, to go further, you need to by the fishing book for about 1 gold from booty bay, its for sale in the fishing shop, keep fishing again, until you get to 225, then once your 225 and lvl 35, go to ironforge to the fisherman area, and someone will give you a quest, which in completion, will get you to the next lvl of fishing.

skill /place to fish
170-204/stranglethorn vale

the above is where i went to fish, im at 204 when i wrote this so tht is the highest there, i also got some bait and went to really high lvl areas to give my fishing a real boost.

(P.S. i wrote this from personal experience and not from a site, so when i get further and have more info. i will update it.)
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