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 What different bag types are there?

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What different bag types are there? Empty
PostSubject: What different bag types are there?   What different bag types are there? Icon_minitimeFri 12 Jan 2007, 14:50

Bags made by Tailoring:

Skill | Bag | Slots

45 Linen Bag 6 slot
70 Red Linen Bag 6 slot
80 Woolen Bag 8 slot
95 Green Woolen Bag 8 slot
115 Red Woolen Bag 8 slot
150 Small Silk Pack 10 slot
175 Green Silk Pack 10 slot
185 Black Silk Pack 10 slot
225 Mageweave Bag 12 slot
235 Red Mageweave Bag 12 slot
260 Runecloth Bag 14 slot
300 Mooncloth Bag 16 slot
300 Bottomless Bag 18 slot

While tailoring is one of the best ways to get decent bags, questing is one of the worst. By the time you get these quest rewards, you'll probably have come across a better bag by other means.Nevertheless, you may want to complete these quests for the experience or faction benefit (or to replace non-soulbound bags of similar size, which you can sell off).

Quests offering bags as a possible reward are listed below, categorized by Horde, Alliance, and Neutral quest-givers. Click the item or the quest name to research the terms using TenTonHammer Search.

Neutral Quests

Bag Slots Quest Name / Level
Deviate Hide Pack 10 slot Deviate Hides (17)
Old Moneybag 6 slot Miner's Fortune (18)
Thawpelt Sack 14 slot The Platinum Discs (47)
Explorer's Knapsack 14 slot Corthello's Riddle (51)
Demon Hide Sack 16 slot You Are Rakh'likh, Demon (60 Elite)

Horde Quests

Bag Slots Quest Name / Level
Handmade Leather Bag 4 slot Carry Your Weight (7)

Alliance Quests

Bag Slots Quest Name / Level
Old Blanchy's Feed Pouch 4 slot Poor Old Blanchy (14)
Wizbang's Gunnysack 6 slot Buzzbox 525 (16)
Ooze-Covered Bag 10 slot Digging Through the Ooze (24)
Gunnysack of the Night Watch 10 slot The Night Watch (30)

Quivers, Shot Pouches, and Bandoliers
Quivers (bows and crossbows), shot pouches (guns), and bandoliers (thrown weapons) not only provide a place to store massive amounts of ammo for your chosen ranged weapon skill, but also increase your attack speed with that particular ranged weapon. Remember to upgrade these pouches from time to time (you can use medium sized ones at level 30, for example), they're fairly cheap for the benefits they confer.

Soul Bags
So-called "Soul Bags" are a Warlock-only item, used to store their unstackable soul shards (used as a reagent in many of their key spells, such as demon summoning and soul stone creation). They're sort of a Warlock quiver, however a Warlock may only have one soul bag equipped. Note that Soul Bags may only hold soul shards (and not any other kind of item).

These are high level bags, and the components and recipes are found in hard-to-get-to corners of some very tough instances. Click the item to research the item using TenTonHammer Search.

Bag Slots Level Tailoring Skill
Soul Pouch 20 slot 52 260
Felcloth Bag 24 slot 57 280
Core Felcloth Bag 28 slot 60 300
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What different bag types are there? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What different bag types are there?   What different bag types are there? Icon_minitimeWed 17 Jan 2007, 23:28

never come across a bag quest before, but why are they so rare, a great weapon is easier to get than a crap bag, i sure of it.
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What different bag types are there?
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