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 How to make Gold

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PostSubject: How to make Gold   How to make Gold Icon_minitimeThu 11 Jan 2007, 17:03

(I found that on the internet-I am not the autor of this txt)

Enchanting, or more exact disenchanting, can make a lot of money. But not
very much alone. If you combine it with Leather working however it can be a
great way of earning a lot of money. There are especially a few combos that
are good. One of the best is Nightscape headband, lw skill 205
It is made from 5 Thick leather & 2 Silken Thread. Quiet normal price for 20
thick leather 1 g on ah, although its not hard to get it cheaper. 2 silken
thread cost 10 s. For 20 thick leather & 8 silken thread you pay in total (1
g + 4*0.10=) 1.40 g. From that you can make four Nightscape headband which
can be sold to vendor for (45*4=) 1.80 g. Okay here is a small profit, and
it will of course rise or fall depending on leather price. But if you
instead disenchant these you will get roughly (values taken from a
disenchant addon i use):
79 % 3,5 vision dust
17 % 1.5 lesser nether essence
4 % 1 Small radiant shard

20 vision dust is roughly priced 10 g buyout at ah
10 lesser nether essence is roughly priced 12 g buyout at ah (lesser is more
expensive than greater :-)
1 Small radiant shard is roughly priced 1.25 g buyout at ah
(Values taken from auctioneer addon i used for 1.5 year)

3,5 vision dust = (10g/20*3.5) 1.75 g
1.5 lesser nether essence = (12g/10*1.5) 1.8 g
1 Small radiant shard = 1.25 g

Now taking chance of each result into account

79 % 3,5 vision dust 1.75
17 % 1.5 greater nether essence 1.8
4 % 1 Small radiant shard 1.25

Ordinary disenchant value ((0.79*1.75)+(0.17*1.Cool+(0.04*1.25))=1.75 g

In my example i made four Nightscape headband for 1.4 g and if i
disenchanted these will they according to my formula be worth 1.75 each
which means (4*1.75) 7 g. Total profit will be (7-1.4) 5.6 g.

I have counted with buyouts here so the profit will obviously go down if you
cant sell you disenchanted stuffs for buyout. But even if you only can sell
it for half the price you will get a nice profit (7/2-1.4) 2.1 g.

Adding time to the formula it takes 30 sec to make one Nightscape headband.
2 minutes to make 4. Add to that 30 sec to disenchant them and another
minute to bid for leather and putting up the disenchanted material them up
on ah. That will make 3.5 minutes. At buyout profit that means (60/3.5*5.6)
101 g earned each hour. At small profit, each enchanting price at 75 % ,
that means (60/3.5*2.1) 36g/h.

So over 100 g/hour without ever leaving the city and without cheating or
scamming others. Sounds god doesn't it. The obvious limitations is ofc the
thick leather supply (and ah-price) and the price on your server on vision
dust and nether essence. The other limitation is that you cant really flood
the market with your dusts and essence.

Now have fun and let the the flames begin =D

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PostSubject: Re: How to make Gold   How to make Gold Icon_minitimeTue 30 Jan 2007, 12:10

another way of becoming rich quite fast, which usually works for me when im broke, go out, loot loads and sell it all at AH at very cheap prices, rouchly 1 silver more then what youll get for selling at vendor.
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How to make Gold
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